Uncrowned Queen

Uncrowned Queen





'Celeste" the main character of this light novel is an angel like Princess of her continent. She's a legend of ancient times
 which you rarely ever got to hear. 
Please accompany her on her journy
 when she shakes a whole continent known as the heavenly goddess. 
If you wanna know which encounters she makes and 
how the uncrowned Queen turns
into the heavenly Goddess
she is now known all over the world as.
Then you got to read this story full of different encounters, decisions and emotions. Will she fullfil her destiny or will it turn out different in the end?!

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Status: c2 2 months ago
There was some minor spelling errors, the story was very descriptive especially of the MC. I saw that rating did not come up, so sorry for the mix-up.


Status: c5 10 months ago
It's a compelling story with interesting characters. I can only suggest the author to perhaps re-check the punctuations once. 
Keep it up! :)


Status: c3 10 months ago
Overall, really good. I can see that you are having fun into writing this because of the own little world you have. Creating something allows you to be free with your writing. I hope you continue to have fun in writing as well as continuing. Good luck in your future endeavors

Chapter 1:

Her long red hair fell curly over her back, as it did so it looked just like her hair did belong to an angel.

Her eyes bluegreen and sparkling , as if the sky itself gifted her the stars to look at the nature and gifting the mortals with their gentle gaze.

You could rest assured that everything was going to be all right...

''The aura from an angel.'' One could say.

She turned around and her pretty eyes gazed at something far away through the window. Leaning against the wall and sitting in this narrow space while graping the invisible air in front of her with her white smooth skin. As if she once again wanted to fly in the air which once belonged to her...

Her eyes were as if they were questioning

what they saw, as if something happened no mortal could ever see...

Just then her small and soft cherry pink lips were moving as she formed words...

they weren't visible, for anyone but her.

As she started to jump down from her place, she would take a walk in the pallast, while being surrounded by bypassers, windows and the pallast's white ancient walls.

The nature calls...

Slowly her surroundings changed as she walked down the stairs and made place for the pallast guards and their territory. Behind them was where she wanted to be ...

The outside...

Hopefully the guards would let her off or else she would need to run away from home...

Why was it so wrong for her to freely move outside...?, while this thought crossed her mind it would naturally be reflected on her face, thus it slightly darkened.

She couldn't understand why she wasn't allowed to do what she wanted.

''I wish i wasn't born as the princess of this place, why couldn't i have been born as the child of ''normal" people? it would have been so much easier for me...", she softly whispered to herself with a regretful voice.

She lifted her head a bit,

"it's not the right time to think of this i got other matters to attend to", reminding herself, what she really needed to do.

Yet again she needed to think of other plans than running away.

If she was simply to run away (in case of the guards stopping her obviously...) It was likely that the whole city, when not the whole kingdome would be on allert and likely she would soon be captured by someone.

She reminded herself that their pallast's guards aren't weak on feet either after all

they ought to protect her home...The country's heart after all...

But what should she do about that... what can

she do?...

Her whole mind was on allert. Don't even think of giving up, she didn't even try at all


"So i need to think of something or else i am afraid i won't be getting rid of this urgent feeling", she slowly whispered to herself...