Do not betray your employer; Do not sell out your partner; Do not lie; It is better to be silent than to violate. These are the four laws that The Silent have abided for years. What happens when two opposite person find they are working for the same organisation? Sush, be quiet. The game has begun. --------- She was a woman of stature and power. No one dared to cross her. She had a loving family but not-so loving husband. Her marriage was merely an alliance, but she was content. However, future had other plans. What unfolded was a series of unfortunate events that forced their upper hands. From suppressing their inner desires for each other and uncovering the web of lies & mysteries to facing the world together, they retaliated together. -------- " You are mine. " the man said in a husky voice, running a finger down her pink cheeks. She slapped away his hand with much force and retorted back, " I am already married! Have some shame. " " I don't care. " and with that he crashed his lips against hers. Release Rate - 7 chs/ week Bonus chapters on Sundays! (only if I have free time)

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Chapter 1: Prologue

She had just finished typing on the laptop. Sighing inwardly, she stood up & walked over to the window. The sun was shining brightly and New York was a hustle bustle city. Below she could see cars flying on the highways and pedestrians walking hurriedly as it was already 10:30 AM.

She gazed into the space and thought about her upcoming nupitals. She had never thought her life would take such a meaningless turn. But she was a goal oriented woman, she always believed she had the power to turn around her destiny.

She would do the same this time.

She would not scummb to anybody, especially fate.

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