Reborn as a GOD

Reborn as a GOD





A mortal soul turned divine after death—once nothing but a mere human now reborn as a god, follow his journey as he creates his world, meet other Gods all the while learning what it truly means to be one, as it turns out it isn’t all fun and games as he may have hoped it to be...

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Status: c10 1 month ago
Hey author here is some of my ideas you could add you could make an avatar for mc to be reborn into and do something in the mortal world of course it will ony be part of his original body that he can control subconsciously this way you will give as another POV that could be really interesting and maybe later on reaincarnte somebody form earth and maybe make him meet your avatar he should also make some fun planete like 
sci-fi and more the idea you got is good but its hard to make a story that is long for it you could also do some universal wars but do that later on when you get a bigger fan base. Another idea you could do is to mc original universe concur it then make a zombie apocalypse from it or magical apocalypse but make the world go back to time when mc died originaly and take his place there and just try to make it fun for him like a game and please do multiple pov's so that the story is not boring.

Sorry for my bad english


Status: c1 1 year ago
If anyone is hesitant to read this book because the author’s first language isn’t English, don’t be. Unlike many other novels with authors whose first language isn’t English, this one is actually readable. In other novels like that, you would normally struggle to understand the jumble of words that are randomly strewn together, but here, although there are mistakes, it is still easily readable and you don’t want to rip your eyes out reading it!


Status: c16 1 year ago
This is some of the best writing on this website. the author describes his character and the world in an amazing. The plot is interesting and unique, I have not seen anyone of this website create a story like this. Overall this story is amazing.

Chapter 1: Characters List

Sorry to disappoint this is will be a characters page as the title says, so you can skip it if you want to, it will not affect the story at all I just decided to make as to help the readers in finding out more about the Cast, next chapter coming up today.


Xulene, Goddess Of Earth: she is in charge of keeping the ballance in the mortal world along with Urnera, Fydur and Vuris.

Ovva, Angel: She is the first angel Ysion created, and is as powerful as all the other Main Gods.

Kyzdall, God Of War: He is considered the main Defense and attacking force of Ysion's Universe, he is also slightly stronger then the other Gods.

Kieyr, God Of The Afterlife: His main task is to judge souls of mortals and beasts after death and decide if they will go to Heaven or Hell.

Urnera, Goddess Of Fire: Her job is to help keep the ballance in the mortal world.

Zuhnir, God Of Darkness: He is the God that rules over hell and all souls sent there.

Zodohr, God Of Light: The ruler of Heaven, and all souls there.

Fydur, God Of Wind: He rules over a part in the mortal world as well and help keep the ballance.

Vuris, Goddess Of Water: she rules over a part in the mortal world while helping keep the ballance in it.


Ondan, Eternal fire Dragon: he was the first Dragon that Ysion created even before the Gods, he is very powerful with an Immortal lifespan

Ysion (MC): Our MC, he reincarnated as the God of Creation he created all the universe and all thise inhabiting it as well as rules as king of them all.

Laura: Adventurer who was blessed by YSION

The Princess: The first Person to ever be Blessed by YSION

I didn't include some Characters but will do later on as the story progress and I will update this more often to keep track, anyways look forward to next chap and see ya ^_^ !