The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter

Daenir | Fantasy


I would like to thank Silent Scarlettt for the wonderful cover. ------------------------------ Hello potential readers ;) The story may start a bit slow and the first few chapters may be a bit 'bland' to most of you. Please bear with it. Haha Actually, if you want to, you could skip past the first four chaps. lol. ------------------------------ I would like to make a few things clear, there would be no harem in this one. I don't think there will be romance in the near future. No OP MC? At least not for now. And mostly, everyone is using their brains. ------------------------------ Alex, a student about to enter college was forcefully transmigrated by the goddess of a certain world. He hated being transmigrated in this world, but he was forced to become strong, not to save the world -- but his family. Demons invaded the land of Terra, Beasts becoming stronger and Humanity growing weaker. Can he wield the power to protect his loved ones? With a system in hand, reaching the peak should be easy. Would it really be? ------------------------------ If you have time please try to leave a review. Would help me a lot ;) ----------------------------- My first book. Hehe Thanks!

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

Mage Rankings:



High Mage


King Class Mage

Beast Rankings:


Fierce Beast

Dire Beast

Void Beast

King Beast

Demon Rankings: ???

Warrior Rankigs: ???

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