Spring Blooms When I'm with You

Spring Blooms When I'm with You

hansora | Romance


"I'll make you fall in love with me again." He gently rubbed her head. "Whenever you're tired donning the cold mask to the outside world, you could come to me. I'll be here." She smiled as she held his hands. Five years ago, the long winter of his life melted away once she entered his life. He had grown to live comfortably in her cool spring air with the scent of flowers she loved. But, fate had another story. It dragged him away from his spring, leading him to once again living in winter. Five years later, he had successfully became the King of Winter. To avoid him from drowning in the freezing air, he began her journey to once again inviting the spring to grace his life. Because for Ren, Tsubaki would forever be his spring. A/N: If you want a fluffy love story, try check this one out! There would be some angst but don't worry, no major misunderstanding between our leads ;) The raw photo of the cover is from https://www.facebook.com/mandarin1314/photos/pcb.1047531012104032/1047529948770805/?type=3&theater . I used Photoscape to edit it a bit and add the text

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here story begins

Chapter 1: Author's Note


I'm so nervous actually to write this note. Spring Blooms When I'm With You is currently at Chapter 188 (the time I write this). Looking back, I'd never expected to receive such a high number of collections (in my standard) since I was on a long hiatus before I started writing this book back.

This book started as a way for me to cope with my daily stress. It came as a random idea before I started developing it into a story but my storyline before wasn't solid. My hiatus is because I was low on confident to continue writing it. It's safe to say after my hiatus, I began to enjoy writing this book more instead of fretting over my skills in writing.

Chapter 64 is my new beginning!

I want to thank you for those who love TsubakiXRen couple. I've never been in a relationship before so what I imagine for them is my ideals in a relationship (but without Ren's immense fortune, of course, haha that's totally an imagination).

Thank you so much and I hope you'd be with me until the end of the book!

Much love 💗


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