"I'll make you fall in love with me again." He gently rubbed her head. "Whenever you're tired donning the cold mask to the outside world, you could come to me. I'll be here." She smiled as she held his hands. Five years ago, the long winter of his life melted away once she entered his life. He had grown to live comfortably in her cool spring air with the scent of flowers she loved. But, fate had another story. It dragged him away from his spring, leading him to once again living in winter. Five years later, he had successfully became the King of Winter. To avoid him from drowning in the freezing air, he began her journey to once again inviting the spring to grace his life. Because for Ren, Tsubaki would forever be his spring. A/N: If you want a fluffy love story, try check this one out! There would be some angst but don't worry, no major misunderstanding between our leads ;) The raw photo of the cover is from https://www.facebook.com/mandarin1314/photos/pcb.1047531012104032/1047529948770805/?type=3&theater . I used Photoscape to edit it a bit and add the text

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

He deliberately counted his steps while slowly approaching his destination. His heartbeats increased as he got nearer and nearer to the place. Cool air of spring didn't help calming his nerves. Long gone the intimidating aura he would usually show towards other people. If one of his subordinates saw his current state, he would surely didn't believe his eyes. And a new rumour about him would be added to their already long list one.

He stopped walking and hid behind a tree. His dark grey eyes were focused on a small bakery located in front of him. The smell of cinnamon and coffee wafted in the air every time the customers opened the door of the bakery. His gaze laid on a figure walking out from a door inside, a tray of fresh warm breads on both hands.

A lump clogged his throat. His eyes felt hot the moment he saw the figure. He took a couple of deep breath to steady himself. Coughing a few times, he straightened his back and started to walk inside the bakery. Only a few customers remained inside since lunch break for most companies had yet to begin.

A bell chimed on his head once he opened the door. The smell of warm breads and coffees intensified once he went inside. His eyes wandered around the shop, taking in his surroundings before confronting her.

The interior of the bakery was simple yet felt inviting. White walls with small pastel colored decorations didn't look out of place with the peach colored cabinets. His eyes fell upon rows of glass cases in front of him. Sugar sparkled like snow on the muffins and cinnamon rolls, caramelized pecans gleamed glamorously on banana bundt cakes while the chocolate drizzled donuts looked so tempting for chocolate connoisseur.

"Hello, sir. May I help you?" A young girl with a short ponytail came to him.

"Excuse me, do you have hummingbird cakes here?" He steadied himself. There was no traces of uncertainty left in his eyes.

"I'm sorry but we don't have them at the moment. The cake is for pre-order only. Only occasionally we would sell it on the counter."

"I see." He felt dejected. "May I place some orders? I'd like to order some cakes."

"I'll ask our manager to speak with you. Please wait for a moment, sir."

The girl left him and went inside the kitchen door. His heart started beating furiously. He was so nervous right now. He didn't even bat an eyelid when signing multi million dollars worth of contracts but this simple situation was enough to make him felt drowning in his emotions.

"Hello, sir. I heard you want to place some orders. May I help you?"

His eyes were drawn to the sight of her. She appeared in front of him, looking more enchanting than before. Her long hair was tied into a loose ponytail, reaching her chest. Her plump lips were carved into a smile. Her brown eyes were looking at him with such clarity.

It was like anything hasn't changed.

"Yes. Could you please help me?"

But, one thing has changed for sure. She didn't remember him. Possibly didn't even remember the bond between them.

His spring began with her. He won't let the spring ended and left him devastated, yearning for it to come back. He won't let her disappear again. And he won't let himself being dragged away from her side again.

For him to fight off the harsh winter, he needed his endless spring.

And, only she could provide it.

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