Even though you are crazy.

Even though you are crazy.

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Handsome Adonis, CEO of a corporation, OCD, Childhood promise, stalker behavior, can't touch anyone else but the female lead, saving the female lead from villains, loyal only to female lead - this are the traits of the male lead? But what happens when the female lead is already married to the villain!!?? About the villain? Li Jun is a man brought up solely to rule an empire. He watches everything with his black eyes, seeing no joy in his conquest but happily stepping on the people blocking his path. He lives a life akin to an emperor's, always watching his throne. Until, he coincidentally meets his one true soulmate at a restaurant, or so he thinks ,where she was a waitress and slowly begins to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, he still needs to kill because now not only is his life at stake now but also the life of his new wife..And also he can never let her find out about his darkness..that he is the villain. Abandoned in an orphanage, Yu Yan has grown up to be a skeptical woman. Her insecurities are her greatest weakness. She just doesn't believe that she will ever be truly loved. She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness and sadness after being abandoned...That is, until she met Li Jun - 26 year old CEO of Li Enterprise / billion dollars heir - at a restaurant where she was working as a waitress . He is the perfect man for her. He fulfills all her criterias- handsome , rich and sexy as hell.Only problem is he use to be a player in his younger days and she doesn't trust him AT ALL . His mysterious only adds to her insecurities. Yu Yan : "Husband you need to show me more love" Li Jun : "_" "yes honey" (What have I been doing for years.?) #Follow me on Twitter: @ArcherPandoraxx #become my patreon : https://www.patreon.com/Archerpandora # Facebook : Archer Pandora

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: wedding




"Boss, what do we do about this problem?" The man gestured towards the four bloodied men tight up under their feet.

The man leaned down, black eyes shining in the dark.

"You are lucky." The man grinned.White teeth flashing in the night. " I am getting married. I don't have the time to play with you guys this very night." He ran his hand across his silver hair.




"How do I look Shi Chongkun?" The beautiful silver haired man questioned his best man for the hundredth time.

Shi Chongkun was a patient man and a great friend. He looked at the white suited man and said again for the hundredth time.

"Very good. Very dashing."

But Li Jun did not believe this particular friend.

"Shiny, You tell me."

Shin looked up from his phone and gave a sigh.

"You look like some sort of a damn angel in all white. Couldn't you have worn black or another color like most people?" Shin gave his thoughts.

"You're one to talk." Li Jun said harshly. What did he know? Li Jun wanted to indeed appear like an angel tonight.

Li Jun turned to the full mirror again and hummed. He looked good. He didn't need the opinions of these men.

"Is it time yet? Did you check on her? Is she still there? She did not run away?" Li Jun barraged his bodyguard.

"Li Jun, you have already gotten your wedding certificates.Why are you so worried?" Shi Chongkun laughed at his friend's anxiety. It was rare sight.

"Sir, We can start moving now. It's early but it should be fine." The head of guard responded clearing the way.

"About damn time." Li Jun laughed fixing his tie.

The wedding hall was entirely decorated by real crystals and diamonds hanging down from the ceiling. The wedding theme was white roses and diamonds.

As the heir to the oldest bank in the country and a few diamond mines, not to mention others this was not much for Li Jun.

He stood under the artificial dazzling stars and waited for his bride with anticipation.

The wedding song began to play, letting him know of his bride approach.

A lone figure appeared at the entrance. A lady in a long wedding dress began to walk over in small steps, coordinating with the light music. Her steps were light but sure.

Li Jun could not see her properly under the veil but he grinned knowing that she could see him.

He reached out his hand to her, unable to wait longer.

He lifted her veil before anyone could instruct him, eliciting a laugh from the hundred guests below.

From under the veil, A beautiful smiling face greeted him.

Li Jun mimicked that smile - he could not help himself.

"Hi, wife."

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