Even though you are crazy.

Even though you are crazy.





Li Jun is a man brought up solely to rule an empire. He  watches everything with his black eyes, seeing no joy in his conquest yet being able to do nothing but keep on stepping on the people blocking his path and threateningly him. He lives a life akin to an emperor's.. always watching his throne. Until, he coincidentally meets his one true soulmate at a restaurant ,where she was a waitress and slowly begins to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, he still needs to kill because now not only is his life at stake but also the life of his wife.... And he can never let her find out about his darkness.

Abandoned in an orphanage, Yu Yan has grown up to be a skeptical woman. She doesn't believe that she will ever be truly loved. She has resigned herself to a life of loneliness and sadness...That is, until she met Li Jun - 26 year old CEO of Li Enterprise / billion dollars heir - at a restaurant where she was working as a waitress .
             He is the perfect man for her. He  fulfills all her criterias-  handsome , rich and sexy as hell.Only problem is he use to be a player in his younger days and she doesn't trust him AT ALL . She is just a normal wife or is she? 
Yu Yan : "Husband you need to show me more love"
Li Jun : "_"   "yes honey" (What have I been doing for years.?)

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Status: c87 1 month ago
Ok.since I promised that I will make a review after chapter 50,so here it goes,though I have to skip some chapters to make this one..first, the story started when they are already married.and in love and no misunderstandings..so that's refreshing and new for me...I like it since most novels that I read has a lot of misunderstandings and sometimes so annoying to read..I know there will be conflicts as the story develop but I have to enjoy this as it is..hope the author will not drag the conflicts too long.carry on my dear author..


Status: c105 9 months ago
I've read a little more than 100 chapters now AND FIRST OF ALL 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND. The story is very interesting and keeps you craving for more. If you are looking for something with lots of cute (and funny) romance I would definitely suggest this novel.

I love the fact that the FL isn't weak and doesn't always listen to the ML. There have been some scenes where the ML wants the FL to do something she doesn't want (like not work) and usually the FL would just listen to what she's told BUT this one doesn't. I love that she doesn't put up with his unreasonable requests. 

I also love how the ML treats the FL and isn't as domineering as some other MLs. He always puts her first and when ever they get into fights he just lets her calm down and then sweetly talks it out with her.

Another thing I love about this novel is that there are no misunderstandings. It's truly so refreshing to read this after novels that took 400 or more chapters to clear up a simple misunderstanding.

I think the FL and ML have a very healthy and loving relationship. They are always taking into consideration each other's feelings and are definitely couple goals. Their scenes are always so cute and make me a bit jealous when I'm reading them.

Thank you author for writing such a wonderful story😄. It's truly an amazing story and I'm so excited to read more.


Status: c43 1 year ago
The way this books start is quite different from what books I have read untill now and it is very much appreciable..
The book is definitely amazing and it is worth reading it..

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: wedding

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