Legend of the Wyrm Bearer

Legend of the Wyrm Bearer

DevilsMocktail | Fantasy


A lot of time passed since the apocalypse hit the Earth since then the plane kept on expanding, strange energy permitted the air and changed the very core of earthlings, granting them the ability to use magic and cultivate. Paul Drakonen was born genius of the Snake branch clan, but during the dangerous awakening ritual, everything went south for him. From the rising star of the kingdom, he became a cripple. But will he succumb to the cruel fate, or pave his own path? *Currently on pause, I feel I can't sustain the level I picked up at the moment, I really love this novel so will be back!*

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Chapter 1: The begining (Prologue)

In the year 2034 during the meeting of president Mutin (Russia) and president Trap (USA)huge meteor dropped down on Earth. No satellites could see it coming. Just like the mirage the meteor struck the earth at one pole and just got out at another. It could be seen by the naked eye but no surveillance cam could get the picture of it. Both presidents thought it was a nuclear attack from each other so they pushed the button. Contrary to everyones expectations no nuclear war followed. Something unexpected happened - the Earth deformed into something akin topological doughnut or Kleins bottle, turning inside out. Gravity became nonexistent for a few hours, making humanity with all its inventions float in the space for several hours, with surroundings moving and transforming and finally everything seemed to calm down, no volcanic eruptions, storms, floods or any other second wave calamity followed, yet population of Earth diminished from 20 billion down to 1,8 million. The radius of Earth nearly tripled, with the form of giant doughnut changing back to an ellipse and getting the enormous underground plane in the process.

Humanity survived but everything changed, the new type of energy made its appearance, interfering with the work of electromagnetic waves and stimulating the growth of all beings.

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