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Data Dragon Danika


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After a great deal of preparation, Danika begins her new digital dragon's life in a very small way.

They say the "Living Jade Empire" creates individualized quests. They say it can read your mind. They say you can find your heart's desire. They say that there's never been a game like it, and they're right but… they're also wrong.

The game is a data mine, built to retell the old tales that humans have been telling each other since language was invented. It doesn't read your mind, but it reads your search history, your favorites, and your blogs. The "Living Jade Empire" is literally crafted from fables, legends, fantasies, and maybe just a bit of stardust.

But in the end, will the game be able to figure out what Danika wants most? Will the desires of other players take priority? Or, will playing it change her, until she desires what it can give her?

A journey is always made up of many small steps, and this game has still only just begun.

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Status: c83 2 weeks ago
Thank you for reading!

As of writing this note, I've been writing on this story every day for nearly three months. My head is full of little dragon thoughts. I am so honored to have been gifted so many small stones of power to hoard. (Keeping daily screenshots ❤️)

And to each of you who have added it to your library, many thanks!! When I'm running low on energy I think, but I have X many readers for whom I must finish the tale properly! And this number has continued  to slowly grow! *thrilled*

Eventually I hope to convey the development of adventure, friendship, romance, and artificial intelligence before this story ends.

Some of the questions that resulted in my story outline:
Being a person doesn't require that you have all your limbs does it? It isn't based on your occupation is it? What color your skin is? Your wings or claws? And is it kidnapping if an AI is stolen?

This tale is a descendant of Kiri to Shinkirō, which I began posting here as well a few weeks after beginning this story.



Status: c6 6 months ago
I can actually see this book becoming so big it becomes featured. It's that good. I didn't really have anything to complain about. There were times I got confused but I just reread and it made sense. Maybe it was just me? It's really different, maybe a little to different for some. I think gamers would love it though. So far the story is progressing nicely.  Anyway great book. ❤️


Status: c170 5 months ago
This story sat untouched in my library for a week before I actually read it. It was only when I had no more road to go that I chose this. To gather enough will to read it, I even told myself that for many interesting synopsis, the only part interesting was the synopsis and I had learned the lesson the hard way. But boy I was in for a world of surprises the instant I begin my journey. How many chapters was this then. I read through all in one go, sacrificing a lot of sleep time.
I won't say anything detailed about the story and intrude on others' fun. Well it basically about how Danika enjoys her game and equally, her life. Here the balance about game and life is done really well I think. And our author is a generous one. At least a chapter is released at the same time every day. Sometimes there is an extra chapter at night around the same hour. So no need to worry about withdrawal symptoms. Just go ahead and read boldly. 
Well besides the main story, the side stories will show you about the trivial matters about the characters' detailed thoughts not present in the main story and how extra characters see and feel. 

Chapter 1:

I read the beginning to a cute story (Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World) and the author included the patréon link in it's own little note at the beginning. Cool!


Since linking is filtered these days, you'll have to assemble the information.

You can support my writing on that dot com site, where you can become a patron to a creator, with the name similar to how the Trash of the Count's Family interacts with his dragon. Pat Reon! And then the same old /gusdefrog that has been used on countless sites.

There's are direct links on my own website, techpixie dot net, to both Pat and Paypal.


Data Dragon Danika volumes are available as Ebooks for Nook, Kindle, Google Play, and Apple devices. They are published a volume behind what's available WebNovel. (I'm a bit slow, never enough time in the world.)


There is a bit of actual merchandise with Data Dragon Danika artwork on it available on Zazzle and DeviantArt.