chu feng , a high school student who is so obsessed with cultivation novels that he wants to drop and start cultivating to become immortal got killed when he tried to save a girl from thugs, but to his surprise, he found that he was reincarnated into an immortal continent. taking it as a second chance he promised to become an Existence that looks down on gods and demons [ this is my first novel so forgive me if there was any mistake]. [I am editing volume one now ] P.S:: I don't own the cover

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here story begins

Chapter 1: i am your father

The story begins in a dark alley where you will find a girl crying beside a young man who was laying down in a blood pool.

"Why, why did you try to save me ?" Said the girl while crying, "you are going to die"

"..." the young man didn't talk as he was looking to the cloudy sky while thinking "f#ck you, who wants to die for you, I don't even know you, and who says that I am going to die".

" I Chu Feng will not die from a stab in the chest, I cultivate the HEAVEN DEVOURING LIGHTNING technique even though I brought it today from some shady old man, still I am considered a cultivator "

" hold on for a few minutes, I called the ambulance and they are in the way " that was the last thing that Chu Feng heard before he closed his eyes and fell into eternal sleep while he was thinking " f#ck you and f#ck your ambulance ".


After a period of time, Chu Feng when started to gain consciousness he was startled by loud Laughter followed by "I Chu Zhen finally have a healthy boy, I chu Zhen finally become a father ".

"....." Chu Feng, "f#ck you, who is my father, I am your f#cking father I will beat the sh#t out of you".

While being angry, Chu Feng tried to open his eyes only to be welcomed by the lips of a handsome middle-aged man.

Seeing the large lips of the handsome man closing to him Chu Feng cried for the first time in his life.

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