Life doesn’t always proceed in the way you thought it would. Sometimes, there are moments when you have to look back an question reality. David was quite the exceptional singer. Although he wasn’t a looker, he had a deep, mellow voice that put anyone who listened to it in a trance. He was in the prime of his life. Sadly, Life liked playing tricks on good people. David was diagnosed with stage 4 Testicular Cancer. It had already spread to his liver and kidneys, so no treatment could save his life. Only prolong it slightly. After suffering for a few years David’s life finally came to an end. [Hello David, I am system no. 1. It is a pleasure to meet you] **Just a heads up, the MC is homosexual. Although some people won’t agree with it, pls be respectful. Also, the storyline will not be centered around his sexual orientation**

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here story begins

Chapter 1:

From now on I will be updating this novel in bulk.

My intentions are to update 7 chapters every Monday so that I will have more time to edit and brainstorm ideas.

Thank you to those who have read the first 2 chapters of ''The Sky Is White'' and to those who have added this novel to your collections.

I look forward to where this novel will take us all.

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