Xiao Wei stays abroad for 6 years. During the 4th years, she enters the fashion design competition and wins the second place. At the same time, Xiao Wei starts her own company (Wei Wei company) with the help of Aunt Su Liann- Su Hann's Mother. So, within the 2 years, the WW brand have released 3 collections and become famous among the netizen of country T. After 2 years since the company's establishment, she finally came back to country T ------------------------------------------------- " Is this the end of my life? I do not wish for this to happen to me. Why don't you give me a second chance? " - Xiao Wei " Loving you is all I want. I don't want anything else" - Shen Ming --- A lifetime is enough for me to love you. There is no other chance. Living abroad for several years have changed my life. Since I was betrayed by my own family, I decided that I have to go away from my own flesh blood.

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Chapter 1: Smells like home

The sun shines brightly that morning. Xiao Wei keeps dragging her legs until she reaches the entrance of the arriving hall.

" Hmm.. I can finally smell my home country after all these years"

Xiou Wei has been away from her country home for six years. Without her realizing, tears fall down her cheeks and her body trembled her little reminiscing some of her memories. When she felt her cheeks wet, she immediately swept her tears away and pretend as if nothing happened.

Xiao Wei heads turned to look at the cab station in case she can see her friend, Su Hann is waiting for her. Suddenly, her phone ringing indicating that someone is calling her. Xiao Wei finger immediately slides the screen to pick up the phone up.

" Hello, Wei Wei. Did you already come out from the immigration section? I already here at the airport. I was waiting for you at the chocolate shop near the Arrival Door 3"

" Oh, I already out here. Okay, I will find you at the shop"

Realizing her mistakes waiting outside the airport, she immediately turned to enter the door. However, she bumped into a hard wall and immediately winced.

" I am so sorry, I was not looking forward... "

Xiao Wei looks at the person and realizing that the person she bumps into is not an ordinary person.

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