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Eastern Fantasy

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Status: c1 7 months ago
Went through your story and loved how detailed it is. Although there were some mistakes here and there, hey! Who are we? the human that have multiple ideas and not correction function. we write, we create, and we share!

Do your best, I just went through all your chapters


Status: c3 6 months ago
Writing Quality is good, although there are some misused words, the sentence were still understandable. There are also some rough sentences which needs to read twice to fully understand. But overall, it's acceptable. 
Stabilitu Updates is great, 7 chapters per week? What else do you want? 
Story Development is...*Sigh* I just want to say that reading the First Chapter already used up my Brain Capacity, what with this overflowing informations? Look here author, you should have explained those when the right time comes. Common Good concept though. 
Character Design is also good, a bit common but good. 
World Background, well, no complaints there I guess.


6 months ago
This has been a good read so far and there's a lot of ideas you are playing around with it will be interesting to see where it goes. I like the premise of it though.

One thing i noticed was that you seem to have trouble conjugating infinitives and using past preterit verb tenses. However it's not a flow killer and over all your writing is good!

Chapter 1:

For the exp!